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Lithium Ion batteries rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion)

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Perfect combination of high energy density (e.g. NNP technology), safety (e.g. HRL technology) and long-life shows what is possible with Lithium-Ion battery technology. Excellent safety and superior battery performance. A wide selection of batteries with different capacity types and dimensions.
Are particularly suitable for portable equipment.

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Lead-Acid batterier (VRLA)

Lead-Acid batterier (VRLA)

ACTEC is a distributor of well-known manufacturers of lead batteries YUASA, FIAMM and our own brand PaqPOWER. YUASA high quality lead batteries and guaranteed capacity. Reliable and among the best

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Nickel Metal Hydrid Batterier (Ni-MH)

Nickel Metal Hydrid Batterier (Ni-MH)

Ni-MH battery technology is the successor to Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) technology, used for rechargeable and portable devices. Panasonic offers standard batteries for common applications and a state-of-the-art high temperature battery

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